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Our Memorials !!

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Some of those who attended the PoS Retreat brought physical memories
of their children as well as the memories they carry in their hearts.
These memorials were placed in the room that houses
"The Butterfly Tree"
and in a sense gave you a feeling of being in a "Museum of Memories".
It was an awesome experience viewing these memorials to the children
lost to suicide.

Note: At the bottom of the page is a memorial that I don't
remember who it was for. Those of you that attended please help me
with this item. Also, if I have made a mistake with who the other
pictures are, please tell me so I can correct them. THANKS...

Allen Dale Boring, Jr.
02/17/65 - 05/26/97
Age 32
Son Of
Patty & Logan Jacobs

Barry Jon Pettersson
05/17/71 - 08/03/97
Age 26
Son of
Carol & Keith Pettersson

Colin Rivans Stephens
09/02/76 - 03/29/99
Age 22
Son of
Alice Stephens

Lydia Schabb
11/23/84 - 12/18/99
Age 15
Daughter of
Eileen Vorbach

Earl Ryan Jackson
10/03/69 - 11/01/99
Age 30
Son of
Jan & Charles Jackson

Stephen Christopher Carson
03/21/70 - 01/22/98
Age 27
Son of
Lloyd & Beverly Carson

PLEASE help me
identify who this
memorial is for

Garnett Anderson Shumaker III "Andy"
(D.O.D.) 09/09/99
Age 35
Son of
Janice and Kenneth Harris

01/25/78 - 08/07/96
Age 18
Daughter of
Karyl Chastain Beal

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